Body: Ninja Lightning Cycle (Kamakura)
Tread: Cast and hand made parts
Skis: Hand made from sheets of plastic.

When G.I. Joe needs to move fast in the snow, they call on the L.S.C. (Lightning Snow Cycle).

It has been necessary to move at a higher rate of speed across the snow. Using an extra Ninja Lightning Cycle, G.I. Joe technicians sought out to make something highly maneuverable and fast. What they came up with has a top speed of 160 mph in the snow. Special gyros and stabilizers added inside the frame allow such speeds without wiping out on the ice. The vehicle is usually used for reconnaissance but it is not limited to just that role.

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I built this just because I had several extra Ninja Lightning Cycles around. I bought a bunch of Kamakura figures with the bike from KB Toys during one of the sales they had. I was messing around with some cast treads and wanted to attempt something that would be different. This looked like a pretty decent idea on paper. Once I started piecing it together, it turned out about how I wanted it. Over all I think it's a neat idea and would be fun to have a few of these, though I doubt I make another.

The skis are built from sheets of plastic I have. I built a section on it so that it would attach to the existing wheel well and still be able to rotate. This allows the skis to lean forward of backward for "going up hills" or to make it easier for the vehicle to land. The treads are mounted in a way that allows the back half to still fire the missile in the same way. I painted the back half of the missile so that it looked like flames. This gives a cool effect for photos. I added a piece of plastic over the opening in the back so I could put a taillight sticker on it.

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