Entire vehicle:

Funskool Police-jeep


Net-launcher: Battlecorps Mutt
Rocket-launcher: Battlecorps Duke

If you see a red jeep approaching - get out of there! But walk away casually, or you might be suspected of hiding something if you're in too much of a hurry. If you remain around though, you might get sued for "mingling with suspects, aiding a suspect or spying on Cobra affairs."

When the Crimson Guard are on the case, somebody is bound to become indebted for the rest of his life. If someone does something that will happen to nudge - even if it is unintentionally - into Cobra affairs, the Siegie's will hop on their crimson jeep to look up that person. Thanks to onboard computers, they can easily locate any suspect whereever he might be, and once apprehended, they will shove papers into his face and wound him with laws. As all Siegie's are skilled accountants and/or lawyers, it is never a question if you can prove your innocence - it is if the Siegie's can prove that you are guilty. And they always can, as they know just how to wrench the law into their favor.

Any man who becomes a target for the Crimson Guard will naturally try to run away, and that's the way the Siegie's like it. They enjoy a good chase with the Crimson Prowler before they catch their prey with their top-mounted net-launcher, and then they can add a note of "attempt to escape justice" in their records for the court. They never use live ammo when chasing suspects - dead men can't pay. The Crimson Guard even have their own slogan that they love to use: "We always sue our man - and win."

Crimson Guard are generally too precious to waste on the battlefield - but sometimes they are called to battle-duty, and during those occasions they can replace the net-launcher with a rocket-launcher to knock their enemies out of the sky. Thanks to the fact that the Crimson Prowler is a four-wheel drive jeep, they can get around everywhere required to inflict as much damage as they can. Get out of the way - or get sued.

Personal comments:

Just a vehicle I bought quite cheap a while ago that I had planned to do something fun with. I used the weapons-cone that came with Sonic-fighter Rock 'N Roll and attached it into the small compartment that was originally molded for weapons-racks at the back of the jeep. And then I fastened a long pin through the underside of the net-launcher so that I could fit it to the cone and have a weapons tower. This is a good way to get rid of some of that silly stuff that came with the Battlecorps figures. Hope you like it.

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