Exterior: all CORPS Battle Tank (minus 'Bunker Buster' big missile)

Driver's Chair (Armadillo's station in photo): Tomahawk
Commander's Chair (Cover Girl's station in photo): KoolToyz (Target blue box) 'aircraft carrier'

Stand for Gunner (Barrage) and AA support (Shippy 2006): Scrap piece from the carrier too, plus cardboard

After blowing up the original "Arsenal" in my ongoing dio-story, I had found this battle tank with a camo scheme I liked better.

So, I set out to make the tank more figure-friendly. First, I cut out a huge hole in the bottom of the turret, and glued a platform into the belly of the tank. In the top photo, Shippy is standing on the platform, while Barrage is supported by his arms. The hole allows for a lot more space and positions within the turret.

The front stations needed seats as well. The driver (front left) is simply a Tomahawk seat with a few strips of plastic to keep it stable atop the little peg Lanard provided. For the Commander's chair, I scavenged one of the cockpit areas from the tiny 'aircraft carrier' I had previously turned into the USS Jane.

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