Entire Vehicle:
G.I.Joe Night Attack Helicopter

Pilot: Air-Viper
(As good as a non-altered 2001 Laser-Viper. Just some added paint on the neck.)

Cobra has never been above stealing designs from their adversaries and having them refitted for their own cause. The G.I.Joe Night Attack Helicopter is the latest theft, drawn by the composite-armor plating and nearly soundproof engine. The missile racks are loaded with laser-guided air-to-surface armor piercing-missiles, and the mini-gun is the same kind of anti-tank gun that can be found on the Rattler planes.

As the Strafe Choppers are so easy to operate, Cobra does not need any special enhanced crew to fly it. Therefore it is usually manned by the Air-Vipers, the lowest 'grunts' of Cobra's flight-personnel. They are the ones who are fresh in the pilot-program and have not advanced enough to become Rattler-pilots or above. So naturally there's a high assignment-request for the Strafe Choppers as the vehicles are the nearest and most superb substitute for the more advanced air-machines.

The Strafe Chopper cannot carry many passengers at a time, yet it is used on many occasions to carry high-ranked staff from one location to the other. And when required - the Chopper is used to deliver heavily armed Vipers to the battlefield and/or evacuate wounded soldiers. So the Cobra Strafe Chopper is a multi-purpose vehicle, much to the Joe's dismay. Naturally they can't stand the thought of having one of their own vehicle-designs used against them.

Personal Comments:

I really love this helicopter - I've got all three versions, including Cobra's. But I think the Cobra design looks quite ludicrous with all that extra crabbed-designed plating, curved rotor-blades and weird-looking canopy - looks like something Cobra-La used to come up with. So I simply bought another Joe-copter and painted it in Cobra-blue to replace it. And I always thought that the Laser-Viper released 2001 could pass nicely for a low-classed pilot. As for the Cobra-designed copter - that is perfect for my Coil army to use.

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