It's a Trouble Bubble, painted up with some minor mods here and there, to cover the connector holes on the front of the joystick; and landing skids added.

I glued some construction paper to the dome, then painted it.

Ted Kord is a prolific inventor, creating specialty vehicles and devices on the average of 2 per month. Although he prides himself on not creating weaponry, he does often create vehicles and devices with self-defense in mind.

Designed as a short-range escape vehicle for high-rise building emergencies, his P.E.P., short for Personal Escape Pod, is easy to operate with no prior instruction. It has a 600lb carry capacity and 15 minutes of fuel, enabling practically any individual to escape to a safe distance.

Unfortunately, as is their modus operandi, Cobra stole the blueprints and Kord's prototype the day he was going to unveil the P.E.P. to his stockholders, while it was in transport to the presentation hall.

Financially crippled by the theft, Kord Industries was forced to declare bankruptcy and unable to bring the P.E.P. to full production. Cobra, working in conjunction with unscrupulous Chinese factories, mass-produced a militarized version for their own use and sale to the highest bidders (of which there have been admittedly few).

Due to Kord's tenacity and engineering genius, Kord Industries has come back from the brink, but they're unable to make any legal headway in making any criminal or civil charges stick against Cobra, due in no small part to the small army of Extensive Enterprises staff attorneys.

Kord was able to get a small measure of justice by stealing a Cobra Trouble Bubble and converting it by increasing its flight capacity by a factor of 10 and adding in a suite of crime-fighting gear for use as his Blue Bubble while in his Blue Beetle nom du guerre.

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