Clear Figure Stand
Collectible Card Sleeve
HAVOC Flatbed 'Rings'
MOBAT Wheels
Red Wall Anchors
SHS Stands
Oak Board for Base
Playing Cards

Of course, the Royal Flush Gang wouldn't be complete without their rides, as inspired by their appearance in Batman Beyond, so I whipped these little numbers up. I used a grinding blade in my table saw to break down the HAVOC flatbeds (total of four, with one messed up) into their component parts. I then used a disc sander to square them all up. I took some spare MOBAT wheels and sanded one side flat to provide a better gluing surface. I then glued clear figure stands (SmallJoes) to the collectible card sleeves. I sprayed the HAVOC/MOBAT assembly with Hammered Black Plastic spray, and once dried, inserted a red plastic wall anchor through the center, and painted the interior details to give the appearance of a small jet engine. I then drilled holes through the 'jets' to accept the SHS stands. I glued the card/stands to the assemblies and inserted the SHS stands. Once that was done, I sprayed the oak board with the same hammered spray and approximated where the stands should be located. The drill bit was a little large, but a couple wraps of Scotch Tape around the bottom was good enough for a snug fit, and the location turned out pretty good for display. Thanks to JFAK for the stands, and my wife for helping with the poses!

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