Main body VAMP;
BBI & CORPS backpacks;
BBI grenade launcher;
.50 machine gun from SGT. Savage line;
Rear birdcage made from parts of a Chap Mei vehicle;
Machine gun protection came from scratch build parts from the Equalizer;
Camo net;
Antenna from the Assault Quad.

G.I. Joe needed an updated vehicle, but based on a vehicle that they knew would get the job done. This being so Clutch put hands to work and came out with this JEEP.

It is based on the VAMP chassis, however sporting a new motor, reinforced chassis and extra space for a new passenger that will man the gun.

It now has space for three soldiers and carries considerable firepower for auto-protection and light attack. It is nothing more than the new 4x4 G.I. Joe vehicle.

Some call it the RE-VAMP, or Recon-VAMP.

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