Sheets of plastic

Superhero Showdown gun launchers

This is the DTC H.I.S.S. redone to include a full covered back that opens as a loading ramp and has top mounted cannons as the original HISS had. Also the gun station holding the figure has been cut and a seat added which provides more room for the troops inside.

The work done on this project included having to cut the bumper and the half-covered opening off. Once this was done the back had lots of gaps that required plastic added to cover up. The ramp itself had to be fitted in a certain way as the back's opening has a slant to the sides and will cause rubbing if the ramp isn't fitted correctly. The bumper has to fold with the ramp as well in order to correctly give the right look. The guns required a base and I used Superhero Showdown launchers for that. I figured why bother to make something when those looked perfect. The other part is made of wood. The seat inside the gun station is just a piece of plastic shaped to fit and hold a single figure. For the missile modification I just opened the pods up and dremeled out the inner parts so the missile could fit inside. I just cut the back off the missiles so they looked normal.

It was a fun project after I figured out how to fit everything together. It didn't require a ton of work, just lots of thought.

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