Front Cab and Cap: G.I. Joe R.O.C.C
Tires: Tamyia Wild Dagger
Back half: A old Hard Drive, part of a RC Jeep and some plastic

Main Gun: SW Gunner Station with some other guns glued on

The Armadillo is the main work horse for the Spartans. With massive Monster Tires the Armadillo can drive over any thing. The Armadillo is equipped with a verity of connections for modular weaponry so the weapons of the Armadillo will differ from mission to mission.

Its main weapons are the gun torrent mounted in the back bed and the rocket launcher on the side. When the Armadillo's truck cap is connected the cab section can rotate and reveal a missile launcher. The Armadillo can carry up to 10 Spartans in the back bed and in an emergency three additional people can squeeze in to the cab along with the driver and passenger.

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