Main Vehicle: GI Joe Vamp mark 1
Front Fenders: Front end from GI Joe Armadillo ( chopped and shaped)
Engine block: GI Joe Triple T tank and air filter from Signature 1:18 70 Chevy Nova.
Front brush guard: Chap Mei police car.
Front shield: bottom front end of GI Joe Armadillo.
Roof: Custom made from parts off GI Joe Triple T tank, Armadillo and craft store hinges.
Doors: Custom made from sides of GI Joe Triple T tank and bolts and nuts.
Rear gun turret:Turret from GI Joe Armadillo; armoured box built from body parts from GI Joe Armadillo, Vamp mark1, Triple T and J.U.M.P.

Powered by an in-line eight cylinder turbo charged engine, the Armoured Scorpion can out run any vehicle on the battlefield. Reinforced armour plating is tested and rated to stop all high caliber rounds up to high explosive incendiary rounds. Equipped with four high caliber canons on a spinning platform, the Armoured Scorpion is lethal as it is strong.

All vehicle parts that were used to build this vehicle came from ones that were already broken. No original mint vehicles were harmed in the construction of this vehicle. Originally, I was building it for the Dreadnoks ( they might still get it) but decided to leave it without any affiliation.

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