Base Car: 1:18 Lamborghini Spyder Convertible
Crash Bumper: Dollar Store Helicopter landing gear
Turbine Intake: Hair Spray bottle cap with XMen Legends Angel Missile
Windshield Armor Bat-Plate: Sewing Pattern Plastic
Side plates: SpiderMan "Buzzing Beetle" wings
Extendable trip bars: Super Hero Showdown Figure Support Stands
.30 Machine Guns: Cryo Freeze Sgt. Savage
.30 Ammo Belt: Chap Mei
Hatch and Armored roof: Wal Mart "The Corps!" Tank thing
Rotating Missile Turret: Metal Head v.1 Back Pack plus Dollar Store Helicopter rotator (originally for rotor blades)
Jet Engine: Dollar Store Helicopter exhaust port
Spoiler fins: Dollar Store Helicopter Blades (Two different copters)
Spoiler fin support: Star Trek Enterprise "Broken Arrow" playset computer support.
Side Window Armor: Original TMNT Party Wagon Front Windscreen, heavily modified
Interior Seats: GI Joe Silver Mirage Side Car (x2)

Whew, this was a lot of work. I bought one of the supposedly 1:18 scale 1989 movie batmobiles for my custom Batman to ride around in, but it turns out that thing is MUCH too small. Apparently there are a lot of different ideas about what 1:18 means....

So I decided to make my own. I took ideas from all the different Batmobiles that I liked, from the jet engine and trip bars in the 1989 version, to the fins from the Tumbler, to the side panels from The Batman cartoon. From these pictures, it looks like I have some touch up painting to do.

Most standard 3 3/4" figs will fit in the seats, and the car features extendable trip bars ala Batman Returns, a rotating Missile launcher and twin .30 machine guns (for anti-vehicle work), spoilers/directional fins, and a jet engine for jumps and acceleration boosts, and an armored hatch for ingress and egress. The hood also still opens for Bat-Gizmo storage.

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