Chap Mei Rescue Helicopter, Various Accessories

In my Joeverse Lifeline is also a pilot for a rescue chopper. I had found the Chap Mei rescue chopper at a KB years back and did a simple repaint. My plan was always to put something in the cargo area to at least make a reasonable facsimile of a medical unit. The plate with the tank is from the side of a Chap Mei fire truck, the gas mask and extinguisher are from some no-name line, and the radio is off a Chap Mei figure. The bottom of the bay was uneven so I added a floor from a scrap sheet of plastic and put a piece of foam down as a sort of bed. It is nothing fancy, but serves the purpose of a little unarmed rescue chopper to help get wounded out.

The MET came to be when Lifeline grew frustrated with the amount of time lost during battle before he was able to administer aid to the wounded. Held back from the front line of the fighting force, he would either have to work his way in behind the battle after a man was wounded, or wait for that wounded individual to be transported to him. Either scenario allowed far too much delay for Lifeline. He took it upon himself to get helicopter pilot training, and lobbied for his own evacuation unit. The leadership grudgingly allowed the maintenance crew to upgrade an old transport chopper. With the help of Lifeline the cargo area of the chopper became a cramped but serviceable emergency room. By piloting to the injured individual, Lifeline was able to cut significant time out of wait time for the wounded. To facilitate evacuation maneuvers, he then recruited his old fried Hawkeye to treat the patients as Lifeline flew them out of the hot zone. Due to its lack of armament, it is imperative that the aircraft gets out of Cobra gun range as soon as it can.

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