I like the OD paint versus the molded plastic look.
I removed the laser looking barrels and added two 50 cal M2 barrels (team bravo)

2 ammo cans to feed the turret. The 2 dragon tubes are from a elite brigade weapons pack.

I drilled out an MRE box from the Bravo team guys you get at target to hold the 2 reloads for the dragons (Clutch got the guys helmet). I added some stowage bags from other figures to the vehicle LR quarter panel and inside. I took the dragon launcher optics and glued them to the roll bar for the passenger to look through. I think it helps add some "realism". decals yet to be applied.

Previous VAMP incarnations packed little firepower and were singular in capapbility (rockets or machine guns). General Dynamics through its Land Combat Systems has provided GI Joe with a true Vehicle Attack Multi-Purpose (VAMP) Mark IV. This new system provides Anti-tank, Anti-rotary aircraft and soft target weapons sytems. 2 .50 caliber M2 machine guns have replaced the 7.62 previously used. 2 Dragon anti-tank rockets have been affixed. Night/Thermal optics have been added. Note location of optics on passenger side. Additional stowage of anti tank rounds is provided for as well.

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