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Main Chassis: 1/18th Scale Dirt bike
Stowage: BBi Field pack and radio, two 21st Century satchels and binocular case.
Headlight: 1/18th Scale ATV Headlight
Decals: 334th G.I.JOE Company reproduced decals.

When I was a child I loved the RAM, it was awesome to have a small vehicle that one figure could ride all over the place and it had a massive gatling gun on the side. However, as an adult customizer and collector I really had no use for it. The overall idea and design was not bad, but very impractical. The RAM was a street bike, it is very reminiscent of the sport bikes of the early 80's, an example being the one used by the Terminator in Terminator I. The major shortfall of these bikes is that they are not something that designed to go off-road. There is also nothing realistic about having a motorcycle with a gatlin gun on the side. The weight is massive and it could never be fired on the move. I wanted a motorcycle in my JoeVerse and the Silver Mirage was just as useless as the RAM for the same reasons. In reality the US military does use dirt bikes for light recon missions and as a messenger vehicle.

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