25th RAM

Krylon Oxford Blue Spraypaint over Krylon Fusion Satin Red
Testor's Glosscoat and Dulcote

Decals from Cobra Stickers.com

I think I'm a little sick of doing the RAM now. This is only the 2nd one I painted, but the black one got the decals first because at the time I liked it a little better. So this guy had to wait a while longer.

Now in retrospect I really, really like this color. It goes well alongside the red too. I love how the Officer looks on this. The grays and blues tie together pretty well, and it actually looks like a vehicle and driver pack I would see in the stores and have to have immediately. Which is the whole reason I'm doing this.

The only drawback to this color is... It still does not come in Krylon Fusion. So I had to put down a base coat of red fusion (didn't have any black left at the time) then did the oxford hoping it would stick. Then doused the whole thing in gloss followed by dullcote.

At some point I'm going to experiment with adding another layer of gloss/dullcote on top of the decals to see if that will prevent them from attracting dirt around their edges, or peeling off over the years like the original vehicles.

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