Vehicle: Power Team Elite Chenowith FAV
Decal: Cobra Stickers
Big Cobra Decal: eBay
Figures: Resolute Troopers

I had a third version of the Chenowith FAV and decided my Joes didn't really need it. The other two are complete, as far as guns etc, whereas this one was missing most of its accesories.

After watching the Resolute movie a couple times, I decided that these troopers are the coolest version of the classic blue shirt, so I bought a few of them and needed a way for them to get around.

Enter a can of blue paint and there it was: an FAV for my Cobra troopers.

I had seen on the Cobra Decal site that they offered a set of decals for a vehicle called the Sidewinder, which turns out to be a black AWE Striker made for Cobra's use. I decided to use these decals for my FAV, but the decal intended for the hood looked a bit small for such a large area, so I put that decal on the gunner's seat and bought a large decal from eBay.

I imagined this vehicle being one of the spoils of war. Since it is missing most of the accesories, I can imagine Cobra troops came across this vehicle and kept it for themselves. After a hasty repaint (hence the bad paint around the wheel rims) and some logos it was ready for Cobra's use for patrols and recon insertion and extraction.

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