Frame: Aerial Bomber Attack Gunship
Tank Tracks: Road Rebel

After buying the Aerial Bomber Attack Gunship, I was looking at the base of the gunship and thought "How cool would it be if I had converted it into a Hiss Tank and use Firefly as the Hiss Driver and just call him 'Hiss Driver'. I worked on the Firefly figure and after I finished, it turned out the way I wanted him to look like.

As far as looking for the tracks to go with the bottom of the gunship, I had to strategically find the proper tank tracks to make it a hiss tank. After looking at an old Hiss IV tank track, I thought "yeah, maybe this may work.' Well, after not having the other track, I started looking at other tank vehicles...that is...until I looked at the tank tracks on the Road Rebel. After super-gluing it to the bottom of the gunship,.....the end result.....Cobra Commander's own personal transport vehicle.

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