2001 GI Joe desert striker Vamp

brush guard- Awe Striker

Spare tire from 2001 desert Striker

Back packs- PTE

Radio pack- PTE

50 caliber gun- 21st century toys with scrap pieces for mount.

Camo netting- green wrap packing material

Bed rolls- old green canvas paint ball pouch

Winch and cable- custom made by BCOST74

Weapons from PTE and BBI.

Ammo Crates PTE and BBI

Tools- axe, PTE; pickaxe, Lego

tool mounts- Cobra soldier

Headlights- acrylic light sheeting

CB radio- Armed forces figure

Shifter knob- Arts and Craft bead

Rear passenger compartment - foam padding and wood

Gas can- Buzzer back pack

The A-TRAP is a long range recon and patrol vehicle. Designed to transport a four man squad into combat zones. Equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun, passenger mounted light machine and anti tank rocket launchers. The A-Trap can traverse any terrain from jungles to artic to desert. The vehicle is fast enough for rapid attack strikes and evacs.

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Built from a 2001 GI Joe Desert Striker. The rear deck was removed to facilitate a rear passenger area, modified by BCOST74. Several months was put into making this custom to locate the need parts and to obtain the look that i wanted. After several years of trying to find the right camo netting, I discovered that green wrap packing material was the best alternative to real camo netting.

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