Hiss tank, Forces of Valor Bradley (1/32) turret, side racks.

As GI Joe armor, aircraft and overall weaponry has jumped ahead in its lethality Cobra has had developed new systems to try and counter their superiority. As new Cobra armor systems come on line the 1st and 2nd generation systems are being modded to support roles and other purposes as we have recently observed in the case of the HISS-SC (Spitting Cobra) Air Defense variant of the venerable HISS tank.

In this case, Cobra has modified the HISS in to a one man Infantry Support Vehicle (ISV). Much like the HISS-SC this system uses advanced tech to allow the operator to drive and fight at the same time. This is accomplished by optical, thermal and infrared sensors in the turret. Data and imagery is fed in to the helmet mounte cueing system.

The ISV variant packs to anti tank missiles mounted on the left side of the turret and a 25mm cannon (much like that of the Bradley fighting vehicle). Side racks allow for stowage of supplies, parts, ammo, etc for the front line operatives. The ISV uuses the high speed of the HISS to get to and from 1st tier operators with anything that is required while at the same time not being a fangless snake for the Joe's to cut the head off.

These systems are tough, dependable and proven. Operators spend so much time ferrying materials and engaging enemy forces that they are known to be hardest working Cobra personnel and usually the dirtiest as they live with and die with their HISS-ISV's.

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