Modified Ultimate Soldier 1/18 F-104C Starfighter.
Added 2 wingtip rail for sidewinders (Used the two belly rails and cut off the wingtip fuel tank mounts).
Added 2 wing pylons with sidewinders (From the F-86 Saber by Ultimate Soldier).
Krylon Fusion Ultra Flat Black Camo Paint, Insignia Red Acrylic on the inlets and CobraStickers Nightraven stickers.

The Night Raven is a small, high speed interceptor. This is not a dogfighter. The Nightraven is designed to hit the enemy with numbers. Large number of NR's engage the enemy in a high spped intercept, firing a full complement of missiles and bug out for a reload. The aircraft is coating with a black RAM (Radar Absorbent Material). This RAM application along with the small frontal RCS (Radar Cross Section) make this an effective interceptor. Due to the Joe's vast air capability a covert, slashing strike is more effective. The NR's may not down many aircraft but, they will cause Joe aircraft to maneuver to engage which gives Cobra ground ops room to operate.

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