Main Body: Elite Force Super Humvee
M-134D Mini Gun: Kit bashed Marauder "Gun Runners". Added paddles off of a .50 cal elite Force and a night vision scope from "gun runners" and a piece of plastic straw for a flash guard.
M-307 25mm grenade launcher: Aloysha customs
Packs, Bags, and Duffles: Build-a-Rama
Smoke Grenade Launchers: Slaughters Marauders
Wind shield: Clear plastic scrap
(not shown: camo netting)

I originally wanted to do a GI Joe remake of a British SAS Timber Wolf for my 21st Century Joe line, but could not find a 1:18 scale Land Rover Defender. I think the Humvee makes a decent substitute. I had to paint the whole thing dark green though with black to mimic the original British camo scheme. I am really pleased with the way this came out and it looks quite modern and realistic.
I know I wanted to add a minigun because they rock and the XM-307 25mm cannon is new to the military. But the original weapons that came with the super humvee will still work on this too.
Could not find the Camo Netting at the time of photo taking but it attaches around the roll cage.

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