I'm not sure what toy line the vehicle/ship came from. The body and fan are were originally part of the ship. I just moved the lower pivot point out using a few LEGOs. This allowed the fan to sit at a 90 degree angle, which I thought looked better. The side missile launcher and missiles came from some kind of Avatar track style ATV. The wings were cut and the missile launchers were mounted to LEGO pieces that were glued to the tips. The fan guards were turned around and remounted. There were two small guns/lasers mounted in front of each handle. I replaced them with the laser cannons from a SW R4-D5. I painted it mint green and standard green to honor the old Chameleon. I still want to add some minor graphics to it, but this is mainly it.

After doing some "covert" jobs for Destro, Zartan requested that Destro and his MARS Corp design him a new vehicle to maneuver around the swamps. The team at MARS took the concept of the Chameleon and imagined it on steroids. They changed the propulsion system from a pressurized water pump to a multi-vein propeller much like the water moccasin. They also outfit it with two radar guided torpedoes and 2 repulser cannons. This was such a leap forward from the original Chameleon that they named it the Salamander. Even though it is bigger than the Chameleon, it is faster, more agile, and packs more fire power. Watch out Joes, no more crappy water cannons. This thing packs a punch!

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