Body: Custom cast SNAKE Armor
Monocle: Cobra Moray Searchlight Lens
Cape: Felt
Medallion: 12" Agent Faces

Ever suspicious of those around him, Dr. Mindbender secretly modified a SNAKE Battle Armor suit with elements of Dr. Venom's Brainwave Scanner and downloaded it with his memory engrams to be activated upon his death. Upon his death in the landlocked freighter on Cobra Island, Dr. Mindbender's memory awakened and began the process of cloning himself a new body. In order to lessen the psychological effects of his condition, Mindbender began to slowly modify the SNAKE to appear somewhat like his original body. Once the cloned body was ready, Mindbender transferred his engrams into it and began the long process of winning back the trust of Cobra Commander.

"It is rumored that the SNAKE retained Dr. Mindbender's engrams and is still running loose on Cobra Island, believing itself to be the real Mindbender and seeks to eliminate the clone and assume it's place in the Cobra hierarchy. I don't know if that's true, but on a queit night near the landlocked freighter,if you listen close you can almost make out the sound of metal clanking and strange, electronic sounds that almost sound like laughing...."

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