Red Laser: 25th Anniversary Cobra Commander head & torso
Escape Armour
Upper torso: 25th Deep Six
Lower torso, arms, and legs: Iron Man 2 Iron Monger
Jet Pack: Trouble Bubble

This figure was inspired by the "Vacation in the Red Shadows" attendee set from the 2010 GI Joe Collectors Convention. Finding the parts I wanted to use was easy enough, the biggest challenge was getting everything to fit together. The Deep Six torso was heavily Dremeled on the inside and out, and it was finally Super Glued onto the waist and legs of the Iron Monger figure, and the cracks were filled in with contour putty and sanded down. The Red Laser torso was a real pain to fit into the suit, but once he went in there was no way he could come out again!

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