The Shadow Mirage SX-100 - Base Vehicle
Cobra Stinger - Wheels and Dashboard
Maisto '69 Barracuda - Interior
25th Serpentor Staff - Cobra hood detail
Overkill v2 knife hilt - Cobra gearshift
Alley Viper v5 shield - wheel covers

"Built by Automotive Research and Engineering of Scotland, the 2011 Ares Dictator is the final word in class and comfort for today's VIP. The classic curves and retro elegance hide a formidable armored chassis for supreme protection, while an incredible engine based on high speed sentry tank technology powers this beautiful beast of a machine. The roomy interior can hold four comfortable, or six with the rear canopy retracted for crowd pleasing "parade seating." Each vehicle is custom tailored to the style, personality, and demands of our clients and the organizations they represent, which makes owning an Ares Dictator a truly unique experience.

The Ares Dictator:
Rule the Road,
Rule the World."
-ARES marketing material

This particular model was presented to Cobra Commander as tribute from Destro upon MARS's reintegration into COBRA.

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