Base: 25th Anniversary VAMP
Doors: ARAH Tiger Sting
Roof: ARAH Stinger
Rocket pods: Kotobukiya weapons set

The Snow Leopard is a heavily modified V.A.M.P. designed for the harsh arctic environment. The engine has been retrofitted for the colder climate and the tires replaced with studded snow tires for maximum traction. The passenger compartment has been enclosed with insulated doors and roof. The Snow Leopard is armed with the standard V.A.M.P. twin cannon and augmented with two 6-pod rocket launchers for added firepower.


I originally started building this for the Adventure Team group project but didn't get it finished in time. So I repurposed it for G.I. Joe. The body got a coat of Tamiya flat white spray paint which took a couple coats to cover. Mounting the Kotobukiya rocket pods involved drilling a hole through the mounting bracket of the VAMP gun as well as the rocket pod supports. I used a rod of styrene cut to length and slid it through the hole creating a new point of articulation that allows the rocket pods to elevate independently of the guns. The stickers from Cobra Stickers finished off the look.

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