It's a Chap Mei helicopter with a handmade canopy out of CD cases and superglue.

Nose machine gun is a lollipop stick;

The missiles are from the spring loaded missile launchers from RoC.

The rocket pod was a gatling gun from an old Chap Mei set.

In 2004 the RAH-66 Comanche project was canceled due to the high costs. At the same time Gen. Hawk was searching a helicopter that could escort the Tomahawk and work as a recon and attack helicopter.

Gen. Hawk and the G.I. Joe engineers suggested to use the RAH-66 as a base due to its stealth technology, but in a small version with the same capabilities to get it in low costs. So they made it one pilot only and used a more advanced computer systems to help.

All the Comanches are controlled by the pilot's voice and where the helmet is looking at. The Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) and the voice commands do the work of the gunner.

The navigation system is a very accurate, modern and reliable. There is no match for them in any other air force in the world, not even in the USAF, USN, USMC or US Army.

The HawX weapons:
The primary weapon is a nose mounted and helmet guide one barrel 20mm gun, with 500 projectiles.
Under the left wing is a modern Rocket Guide Munition (RGM). It's 70mm Hydra rockets but with guide sensors.
The right wing sports 2 missiles that can use a large group of warheads. The most commons are the anti-tank guided by Infrared and the radar directed missile.

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