2001 GI Joe Desert striker as the base. 1988 GI Joe Desert fox rear floor,gun,gun turret,and wheels. Cobra stinger rear bumper. The rear deck of the desert striker has been removed. A junked Desert fox was cut into so that the rear floor could be used intact.The front brush guard of the Desert striker was also modified buy cutting out the false head and fog lights. The Desert fox wheels fit a little loose on the stock axles. In order to fix this had to heat the ends to open them up a bit and then make spacers for the inside of the wheels. The rear floor was test fit,painted flat black, and glued in with JB Weld liquid metal two part epoxy. The Cobra stinger rear bumper needs no modification and is a straight fit.

Gi Joe Desert H.A.R.E. Heavy armed reconnaissance envoy. The joe team was in need of a small yet rugged four wheel drive for long range reconnaissance. The six wheeled Desert Fox has done this for years. With the team growing Dusty requested a vamp with the punch of the Fox. The Joe team mounted the foxes larger gun and manned turret and then the Desert HARE was born. The GI Joe Desert H.A.R.E. can carry a strike team of up to four Joes with the turret removed and the rear handrail installed. This is in addition to the driver and front gunner for a total of six passengers.

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