Base is a diecast snowmobile 1:18. Every part can be unscrewed. Back skids are modified spare skies that were part of the package.

Stickers are from

I always thought that the chameleon that came with the Zartan 25th anniversary was a joke. A great idea but a poor result.

Back in 2007, I was working on a secret new project, launching the website of BRP Can-Am Spyder. When I saw the Spyder, I wanted to have a scaled one for my Joes. So I bought a snowmobile but never finished the project. I was very surprised when I saw one, briefly, at the beginning of the G.I. Joe movie.

The original snowmobile came that way, with a small screwdriver and spare parts to customize. Nothing is glued on. It's all screws, bolts and nuts, so it is possible to fit that in a box like the vintage one

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