Parts used;
-Kyosho electronics and chassis 2WD
-Lights are Radio Shack LED's
-Rubber tires were found at a swap meet,
-Toggle switches Radio Shack

-All purpose fast attack

-Light armor
-Light weight
-Two - Laser canons

The VAMP is one of my favorites on the G.I. Joe line, the design has endured thru decades. I always wanted to merge an RC with the VAMP tried once before but the result was quite disappointing. Since I used a low end RC it could only handle smooth surfaces and carpet, but when I took it outside it fizzled. Couldn't handle dirt or rough terrain. I thought, whats the point if it can't handle the terrain it was designed for in the cartoons, so I kept at it and here you have it.

2 wheel drive, full independent suspension, soft rubber tires, with working headlights, and interchangeable bodies. The body is held on by two screws, surprisingly very sturdy. Handles great indoors and outdoors, fast on dirt trails and rough terrain. Hope to build a couple more, maybe even sell one. The tires where the hardest thing to match up, I got lucky one day at the swap meet found a great pair that fit the size and even the look. This made all the difference in the world for speed and durability. The high end Kyosho chassis is amazingly fast and smooth, this is a 1980's RC micro crazy for its time. The wheel wells seem a little high but its like that to compensate for the suspension which is a good amount. This allows the VAMP to take jumps and land smoothly without the tires scraping the wheel wells.

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