Custom Cast SNAKE Armor
Stickers from
Fodder Figure for display

JoeCzar went through a period of casting SNAKE Armor in different colors, including a Limited Edition Blue for the Canadian Joe Convention. I was fortunate enough to secure a red version while the shop was still up and running. I can't really claim to call this a custom, as all I did was clean up some flash from the mold, and then apply stickers. This custom sat around 6 months, waiting to be finished, adding to my guilt of not telling JoeCzar how awesome he did with the SNAKE molding & casting, and added to that some authentic white-vinyl stickers from The fodder figure came courtesy of HypnoHustler. On a funny side note, if you search out the ESCAPE Armor on, you'll find that the old catalog photo has the Armor torso backwards on the front-facing legs.

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