Main Chassis: Water Moccasin V1
Torpedoes: SHARK 9000 V1
Naval Mine: Lanard firefighter oxygen tank
Heavy Machine Gun: Tunnel Rat Machine Gun
Antennas: Awe Striker V2
Rear Deck: Rattler 4WD V1
Lights: Flamethrower PAC RAT V1
Decals: 1984 Water Moccasin V1, Cobra Stickers.Com, and Misc ROC

The Water Moccasin was probably one of the most used Cobra toys that I had as child. One major flaw was the two 44mm lateral "Destructor" cannons. These cannons would be very ineffective. I opted to replace these cannons with two torpedoes. Another flaw was the air boat propellor. I pictured the Water Moccasin as a stealthy watercraft. I removed the propeller and replaced it with a 2 water jet pumps. I also did not like the fact that when you placed figures on the side decks that there was nothing for them to hold on to. I added the back deck and the handlebars to remedy that. I decided to use a naval mine to replace the Gator torpedo.

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