Base - GI Joe HISS Tank
Swing Arm - Fast Lane Digger

This is an integration of the 80's cartoon Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors into the Joeverse.

Jason 'Jayce' Lightwheel was raised on a solar farm by his Grandfather Gillian and his Uncle Herc, along with his younger sister Flora. Jayce was physically strong from years of hard honest labor on the farm. His Grandfather was secretly a Technomancer. One day the farm was attacked by a group of outcasts from Cobra-La lead by Golobulus' half-brother Saw Boss (currently working on this custom).

Saw Boss was exiled from Cobra-La due to his embrace of technology after losing his arm in a battle with the Joes and replacing it with a cybernetic one. A select group believed in his tech advances and left Cobra-La with him.

During his rampage campaign Saw Boss came across the Lightwheel farm and devastated it, leaving all dead or badly wounded. Jayce's Grandfather bestowed on him an amulet that gave him the power of light and tech, which Jayce used to convert one of the farm diggers into Armed Force an incredible battle machine.

He has sworn to never rest until the evil Saw Boss is brought to justice!

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