One partially complete Cobra Stinger
One partially complete G.I.Joe Vamp Mk.1
Canvas Fabric
Steel Wire
Fiberglass Resin
Kneadatite Filler Putty
Plastic Bond Epoxy

I wanted something that matched up better with the older line of figures and vehicles. The Parasite was just too bazaar shaped and terribly colored to field next to the H.I.S.S. and Stinger so I had to come up with something more appropriate.

This is a troop transport designed from some old jeep chassis grafted together into a tandem axle hauler with canvas canopy that has the classic look and colors.

The rear of the Vamp was cut off just behind the door openings and attached to the back of the Stinger to add length enough to fit troops. The upper and lower hull were mounted together seperately so that each part could still be disassembled like the original Jeep.

The canopy was made from canvas saturated in fiberglass resin so it has the look and texture of fabric, but is firm and rigid like plastic. End result is a removable canopy similar to that found on the Joe APC.

A set of custom stickers added the finishing touches, and for the driver, I aquired a Chinese bootleg figure of a Cobra Soldier colored like a Stinger Driver.

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