This tank is 95% recycled cardboard with wood accents for small details, wheel axle's, plastic screen for vent coverings, and cast wood putty wheels ( not shown). Yes that is a 1/6th figure in the top of the tank. Stowage boxes, turret, gunners 240, and main cannon all are fully articulating. This will be a static model, the treads will be cut from wood and assembled to the wheels in a short bit. Will update pics as I complete the treads. Enjoy!!

I have been building models all my life and love the 1/6th scale. I was a special effects model maker right out of high school and have done many different model jobs over my lifetime. I have even built prototypes for the military and their "secret" stuff... but cannot tell you what. I also have in the works a 1/6th Blackhawk that I will update later on when I have something to show, but it is over 8 feet long and my shop is only 7 feet long... no closed door on that one!!
Will keep you updated on the progress of these models.

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