Star Wars Barc Speeder
Front skis off orginal Zartan Swamp Skier
Front skis off Cobra Ice Snake (heavily modified)
Pursuit of Cobra Zartan
Dreadnok stickers from
Bic pen tube
Exacto knife
400 grit sandpaper
Citadel acrylic paints from Games Workshop
Various brushes
Testors spray dull coat
Model glue
1 small screw

Although the original Chameleon is great and was one of my favorites as a kid, I always thought Zartan deserved better.

This Chameleon started out as a Star Wars Barc Speeder. I removed the wheels from the speeder. Then I removed the weapons to make it look less like a space vehicle. After finding the best possible matching colors to the original, it was all hand painted and stressed with sandpaper to make it look well used.
The rear skis are attached via a modified pen tube as an axel and the fronts via a small screw. It is very stable and could be played with, although it won't be. I did my best to pay homage to the original Chameleon, but still make it a suitable upgrade.

Zartan is the POC variety with some small modifications. I didn't like either outfit he came with, one had no hood but was desirable otherwise, and the other had a hood but looked like a Native American Shaman, which I did not care for. So I cut off the hood and combined the two outfits.

The result is a pretty gnarly Zartan and Chameleon in my humble opinion.

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