Main Body: Tonka Claw
Main gun: Dollar Store attack boat
Rear Compartment: HISS II
Missile Rack: Darklon's Evader Rear end
Side guns: BF 2000 Marauder
Tail Gate: Snow Cat
Trailer: HAL Laser trailer deck with STUN wheels and a Tomahawk floor

Main Body: Tiger Shark repainted
Main Guns: WalMart Military toys

Made for Muskrat, The Swamp Donkey and Slough Shark are purpose-made for rough terrain reconnaissance. The names are Canadian slang for the mighty Moose and the Northern Pike and are apt names for these vehicles.

The Swamp Donkey has high clearance, tons of power and huge tires for all-terrain recon missions, while also having enough Armour and Armament to launch or withstand attack by those stinking snakes!

The Slough Shark stands ready on the detachable trailer of the Donkey for those times that the water get a bit too deep for 4WD. This versatile platform can operate in shallow water and lie in wait for Cobra either for recon, or for sneak attack.

2 drivers, a crew compartment that can hold 4 and 2 more in the Slough Shark, the combination can comfortably hold a crew of 8 for longer missions, or can be maxed out at 12 with men stationed on the outside posts for a hit-and-run scenario or hostage rescue.

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