Main Chassis: 1/18th Ertl Suzuki Eiger 400
Stowage: Funskool Buzzer Gas Can, Ambush V1 Backpack, Bbi Radio, 21st Century Toys Canteen, unknown storage box.
Decals: Hasbro decals.

This Weasel custom vehicle is a replacement for the Ferret in my JoeVerse. As an older collector of G.I. JOE I found there to be several flaws with the Ferret that I could no longer ignore. I was never happy with the large red cannon that couldn't be aimed, the missiles on the side and the pointless small gun by the handlebars. The original Ferret was also severely oversized. This was an awesome toy as a child, but it was extremely overdone and unrealistic as a military vehicle. When I decided to make my version of the Ferret I wanted to remove all the armament and make it into more of a reconnaissance vehicle.

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