All: Original HISS II

GI Joe: Resurgence
It is the year 2015. Following years of relative peace, the ruthless terrorist organization known as Cobra has resurfaced by staging several bold attacks on high profile targets all over the World. Returning to active duty, General Hawk enlists the help of his most trusted acolytes - Duke, Beachhead, Stalker and others. Together, they recruit a new group of soldiers and rebuild the World's ultimate special operations unit: GI Joe.

HISS II with Track Vipers, this advanced high speed sentry patrols and defends the perimeter of the secret Cobra compound that is holding Duke as a prisoner. Features two-man cockpit, turreted gun station, pivoting side guns, searchlight bar, two missiles and seating for 4 figures in rear. Includes two Track-Viper drivers! Other figures sold separately.

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