Cobra Retaliation Hisstank
25th Anniversary Hisstank
25th Anniversary Cobra Trooper

Cobra is well aware of the problems they face on the battlefield against the Joes. Time and time again the battle has been lost because of the Joes superior air support. Whether its fighter jets or helicopters once they arrive on site the battle is surely lost. This problem is made even worse because Cobra spends gazillions of dollars on advanced weapons. Only to see the Joes blow it all up. Cobra Commander told Destro to resolve this problem and Destro did with the Cobra Anti-Air Hisstank. With its twin manual computer guided Gatling guns, Cobra can defend its airspace and once again move towards its goal of World Domination!

Photos show the tank getting its diagnostics checked in an underground hanger below Springfield, U.S.A.

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