Armor: Sheet styrene and balsa (clapboard cut)
Chassis gun: DTC RHINO
Gunner's shield: General (90)

MARS intra-company memo (EYES ONLY):

The HISS V is an all-around improvement on the HISS IV model, but how could it not be, given the specs we had to abide with to create the HISS IV?

For the HISS V, our design harkens back to the original HISS' iconic profile, yet improves on stability with a wider, lower chassis and the ability to carry a fully-armed five-man infantry squad.

The open gunner's station continues to be a concern.

MARS Tech division memo (EYES ONLY):

We can add ablative armor panels all around the driver's station and the APC panels, at the cost of removing the chassis' forward-firing missile launchers. We've also found a solution for the gunner's pod, by mounting a ballistics shield to the front of the turret.

MARS: Laird Destro's response (EYES ONLY):

Outfit a prototype 'up-armored' HISS, but have the added ablative armor painted red. The Crimson Guard will lobby for these tanks, as it maintains their superiority to the rank and file.

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