Paint - Black-Krylon plastic fusion

Anti-Aircraft System - Car radio install deck, unknown grill piece, Demon turret,Weather Dominator part.

Windshield - Plexiglass

Skulls - Hat or jacket pins

Missles - Toy bullet belt

Steel mesh around tracks- Gutter guard

Lights- 5 Red LEDs

B.A.T. Rack - Bent screws and cut metal plate

9V battery is hidden in back compartment

The V5 HISS REAPER serves nearly all your military needs. It is packed with firepower such as powerful cannons and machine guns for battle against other ground vehicles and troopers. An advanced Anti-Aircraft system makes taking out Skystrikers like swatting flies. The Hiss Reaper comes with two Battle Android Troopers attached to the B.A.T. Rack in the back for infantry battle or to drop and distract to make a getaway. But believe me when I say you won't need to make too many getaways in this death machine. However, the bullet proof windshield and heavy amount of artillery it carries makes it a fiery mini mushroom cloud if hit just right.

This is my first vehicle custom. I mostly used stuff I found around the house. Thanks to all the great artists out there who inspire and do awesome work.

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