An old G.I. Joe tank from the 80s
Dodge Viper model
Guns and missiles off some old broken vehicles
Tiger Force Tripwire
Speaker wire

I had found a Joe tank from the 80s at a yard sell it was missing the most of the missiles and the missile rack was broken. So I took it off and made a rotating mount. I had an old Viper model that was missing parts to complete so I did some cutting and molding with glue an added some missile racks and some guns to it.

I was working on the figure while I was watching star trek and it had the Borg on the episode I was watching and I thought what if 4 members of the Borg came to earth and Dr. Mindbender managed to kill them. He took the bodies back to his lab and made his own Borg out of some of the alley vipers. He hard wired one of them into an old tank he had in the back. During one of the test runs it assimilated Dr. Mindbenders Dodge Viper along with a weapons supply shed.

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