Hiss 2 body
Cobra Rage turret and multiple guns
Whirlwind twin mini guns
Locust helicopter side guns
Tamiya tracked chassis

This Super Hiss Tank started as a slightly beat up Hiss 2 tank from my brother's collection. It dominated the battlefield extensively back in the day. When I got it out again, it was missing the faux track on one side and the wheels that it rolls on where missing. I wasn't finding any on Ebay. So I put it on the back shelf for a while. Then on a visit to a hobby store I saw the Tamiya tractor tracks and motor chassis kit and an idea started coming together. I bought the Tractor Chassis. I assembled it and compared it to the Hiss 2. It looked like it could work.

I bought a "LOT" sale on Ebay and got the Whirlwind twin mini guns. The carriage for it was broken but the guns were in good shape. I thought that if some more fire power is cool, then even more would be awesome. So I added the Whirlwind twin gatling guns to the top turret. I was looking at the front of the Hiss and noticed a need for something for offense /defense that could swivel horizontally as oppose to the side guns that only turned vertically. I thought that since so many parts came from the Rage already, that adding the twin mini guns from under the turret of the Rage would be very cool.

The tracked Motor chassis is what I think is the coolest part on this tank. The original motor set up was a single motor. So the Tank only went straight forward or backwards. It was only controlled by a manual switch too. I did some research and found that Tamiya makes a dual motor set up for this. This led me to make it remote control. The guys at my local Radio shack were able to help me out here. By trial and error, i.e. Smoke poofing from the tank, a couple of melt downs of parts. I eventually, after reading the directions, got a deal on a returned RC hovercraft that had the circuit board for dual controls. Once cannibalizing that, I painstakingly soldered everything together and filled up the troop bay with a battery and electronics. Now it goes all over the place by remote control. For the pictures I thought Cobra Commander should be in the turret with Destro showing him all the bells and whistles that M.A.R.S. had put together for Cobra.

This is my first custom submitted to Joecustoms or anywhere on the web. It has been a lot of fun. This project is always inviting me to tweak it a bit more though. You can see that I have changed the "rake" of the stance since I took the first two pictures. I thought it made it more like the older Hiss Tanks in a more menacing way. I hope I did ok with the photo size restrictions so that enough detail is shown. I would like to hear feedback on this.

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