Chap Mei Tank
Plastic for sale sign for the drivers hatch and armored skirting
Powerteam Elite gas cans and backpacks.

T-80 /105 UM: Upgraded with a gunner's thermal sight with additional tank commander viewing screen. Major innovations included the first Soviet use of a gas turbine engine, providing increased speed and power. The basic T- 80 was the first Russian tank to make use of a laser rangefinder providing major improvements in fire control.

The T-80 /105 UM been refitted with a smaller caliber main gun 105mm vs. 125mm in other T-80 variants. The UM however retains the auto loading mechanism. Every part of the overall redesign is expected to contribute to crew survivability. The engine is in the front to provide protection to the crew. Special "spaced armor" is in use along with protected fuel and ammo compartments. Rear ammunition stowage is combined with a rear entrance and exit. Since the rounds are stowed in containers that can be removed from the vehicle whenever necessary. Rear ammunition stowage allows replenishment much more easily than if rounds have to be replaced in a carousel in the hull center, as in typical Russian vehicles.

To extend the operational range of the T-80, additional fuel tanks can be mounted at the hull rear, which can be quickly jettisoned if required. When fitted with explosive reactive armor [ERA] theT-80 /105 UM is virtually immune over its frontal arc to penetration from all current NATO ATGMs which rely on a HEAT warhead to penetrate armor. On the turret of the T-80 /105 UM, the panels are joined to form a shallow chevron pointing. Explosive reactive armor is also fitted to the forward part of the turret roof to provide protection against top attack weapons.

Other armaments include 3 smoke launchers, and a hatch mounted DShK 12.7 mm Machinegun. Supplementary weapons can include an SA- 6 SAM.

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