3D Print
Elbow Grease

In a case of 'chicken or the egg,' I can't remember what came first: the idea to do this custom, or the challenge during last year's Celebration for an 'Alpha Class' vehicle. What I do remember is that Marvel Comics' Superior Foes of Spider-Man is a fantastic read, and the shot of Overdrive driving off on a Segway is hilarious, and that JoeCustom's own J_man was taking challenges for his relatively new 3D printer. I asked him if he could print a Segway. He did. It was a little rough, but I worked on it for as long as the two-week challenge would allow (with all the other things going on) and ended up with this. I expect that we, as a community, are going to be seeing a bunch more of these types of collaborations and creations moving forward. This also makes for a fantastic parade inspection Cobra Commander vehicle.

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