ROC Cobra Steel Crusher APV modiefied.
Camel color felt
random plastic piece from Tonka vehicle
clear plastic from GI Joe package
Bench piece from Warthog

The Ombudsmen is a covert black ops group that investigates and eliminates complaints made against public officials.

Ombudsmen do exit but are not a nefarious assassin group, I just that it sounded ominous. I created that characters while working on other customs. They seemed to just create themselves. Once completed I realized that a vehicle was needed. I wanted something that would let them blend right in on the road. I removed the spring launcher from the trunk and cut out the rear right door and door windows. Clear plastic from the figure package was used to make windows; some up some partially down. The door was reattached using a piece of the missile launcher; spring hinge thing. The spring was removed so that the door opened and closed easily. The interior was repainted Krylon Fusion satin beige and camel felt glued to the floor. The rear bench seat was made from a part of a Warthog.

When Hasbro released the Steel Crusher, I had no interest in buying it. To me it did not look like a Joe or Cobra vehicle. After I made the Ombudsmen; however, I had to buy it because it fit in well.

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