Entire Vehicle:
G.I.Joe Bridge Layer


You could dig a wide trench around a research complex attempting to keep intruders on the outside...you could blast open a chasm with excavation-charges to keep your enemies at bay...against Cobra it is a fruitless effort. They will literally cross you in more ways then one (hence the name) with their own captured Bridge Layer, which they have refitted to their own cause. It is as they say: there's no stopping Cobra.

Personal comments:

Since many vehicles never made it to Sweden, I had to buy the Bridge Layer loose. Unfortunately this first one had one damaged wheel and no decals were applied so it looked quite boring to me. I managed to buy a better one later that suited me, which left the first one with no use. So it was just for the fun of it that I sat down and painted it in Cobra blue. Although with a single color, I was very pleased with the final result.

I made a Scarface from a Comic Three pack Cobra soldier just to have a driver. I painted the yellow with grey and added scars across each eye. But since it's such a simple change, and the fact that my camera cannot catch the details, I will not bother put this figure up among the regular custom characters.

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