The plane included with G.I. Joe R.O.C.C.


The Stiletto II is actually a reconstruction of the Firebat, but with its aerodynamic thin shape and fitted with an extra powerful engine and afterburners, it cuts through the atmosphere like a dart, climbing quickly to the speed of Mach 20, which was the equal speed of the first Stiletto. Because of its high velocity, even the A.V.A.C., who has been surgically altered to stand higher g-forces, puts his life in jeopardy if he goes up to that speed, but no one else is qualified to pilot a plane that lacks on board computers or status displays. A Star Viper would be the best solution to pilot the Stiletto II, but that program has been suspended as it costs too much to create one - and no one seems to like Star Vipers anyway.

Because of its thin shape, the Stiletto II fits perfectly into the new R.T.C. in which it can be transported to the attack and take off immediately to attack without wasting fuel for traveling. After a completed mission, the plane is quickly stashed back into its compartment and will be ready again as the R.T.C. reaches a new destination - a big timesaving procedure for Cobra, which makes them more resourceful and powerful.

Personal comments:

I could perhaps have attempted to make a new Star Viper for this thing, but I had since a while back managed to obtain a loose A.V.A.C. that I have saved until such time I would have use for it - and I do now. I like A.V.A.C. better than the Star Viper anyway. (No one seems to like the Star Viper.) :-)

The only thing I lack with this plane is that it is not fitted with any missiles - but perhaps an opportunity will show in the future that will enable me to update this version. You never know.

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