Just the 1987 H.A.V.O.C. with a "chocolate-chip-cook ie" camo pattern and some silver on the engine parts. Also opted for black weaponry, rather than the day-glow orange that was stock on it.

I always thought that the H.A.V.O.C. would have been better marketed as a desert or arctic vehicle, as the green suggested jungle and this machine is TOO MASSIVE to navigate through dense jungles - much better suited to the open terrain of sand or snow/ice.

Plus, I never liked Cross-Country, as he seemed like a bit of a doofus to be a Joe - both in personality and uniform design. On the flip-side, I always thought that my 1985 Dusty was SO awesome, that I figured he ought to have his own vehicle for trekking through the desert, so needless to say - I put Mr. Tadur on the "Life-Guard's" chair of The Dusterdog.

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